Monday, March 10, 2008

Won't you join the dance?

Nature… An infinite treasure of beauties and joys.
Flowers and pebbles, sunlight and starlight,
bird song and butterflies...
and you and me.

And behind the marvels and mysteries of nature,
beyond the mirage of molecules and the maya or illusion of physicality, is the inherently invisible consciousness. The consciousness that silently orchestrates, guides, governs and compels nature to express itself with infinite creativity, abundance and exactitude. Playing the celestial melody of the cosmos.

The spring that calls the buds to break and swallows to return, the ebb and flow of earth’s seas, the breathing of all beings living, the rhythm of our hearts beats…. All play to the same melody.

Health and disease, happiness and misery…. are all variations on the same melody. Just that disease and misery are wrong variations. Distortions of the theme…

When we tune in to the cosmic theme, when our biorhythm is in harmony with the biorhythm of nature, our being is in a state of dance to the celestial melody of the cosmos. And when this happens, the inner energies and hidden potentials wake and work miracles for us, effortlessly, naturally….

Yoga is an ancient science that preaches the means to tune in to the whole. Yoga means union. A union that encompass many levels of our existence. It brings about union of different splintered aspects of our self and the union of ourselves with the whole. It also brings about union of movement and breathing,
union of mind and body,
union of thought and action,
union of desire and intent….

It’s the result of thousands of years of experimentation and observation by omniscient sages, enlightened gurus and ordinary people like you and me. There is vigour, objectivity and revelation in its method. There is harmony, beauty and inspiration in its expression. Yoga is existential, experiential and experimental.

From the very first session of yoga practice we will experience greater relaxation and calmness, increased freedom of movement, improved balance, enhanced concentration and alertness, increased self confidence, determination and contentment. And as we go deeper into the practice, the profoundness of human potential is realized more and more, making available, powers that lie beneath the patterns of restriction that limit and define us.

So now, stop what you are doing, for a moment. Stand up, take a deep breath and have a really good stretch. Stand on tiptoes, make yourself as tall as possible with your hands reaching up to the sky and your fingers spread. Breathe out slowly and slowly resume your standing posture. Doesn’t that feel good? Do the muscles in your arms and legs feel relaxed and yet energized? Does your mind seem to have taken a breather from its daily round of thoughts and worries, for a moment? If your answer is yes, then you are feeling the benefits of a simple yoga stretch, already.

Yoga is a journey unto oneself. One to divide that which is not you and that which is you, to come to a clear cut division so that you can see yourself in pristine clarity. Once you have a glimpse of your nature, who you are, the whole world changes. Then you can live in the world, and the world will not distract you. Then you can move anywhere you like and you remain unmoving, because you have reached and touched the eternal, which never moves, which is unchanging...